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Benefits of Using Rally

Better than a tutor, at a fraction the price.
Private Reading Coach 24/7
Daily practice, with real-time feedback, is the best way to improve reading.
Read Real Books
Studies show that kids are more excited to read books they pick themeselves.
Monthly Book Credit
Receive a $20/month book credit (per child).
Personalized Dashboard
Tracking progress an accuracy, speed and persistence is motivating.
Accountability & Notifications
Notifications keep you in the loop and keep kids accountable.
Sibling Discount
Add siblings for half price ($25/ month including a $20/month book credit per added sibling).
Targeted Practice
Improve faster with customized flashcards.
Learn More. Stress Less
Reading to Rally is stress-free, which promotes learning.
Goal Setting
Setting and reaching goals provides focus and personal satisfaction.
Gain Independence
With Rally’s support, kids can improve reading independently.
Any Book. Any Place
Wi-Fi is not required for reading downloaded books.

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