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Real books. Real feedback. Real progress.

Rally's digital reading coach is built-in to 50,000 popular books. Kids get the real-time support they need to make rapid progress.

Benefits of Using Rally

Improve Faster

Real-time feedback on oral reading is the #1 way to improve. Rally provides that 24/7, and builds it in to the popular books kids love!

Unlock Magic Words

The 1000 most common words make up 75% of English books. Rally’s Word Wiz game rewards kids for each magic word they learn.

Develop Focus

Setting goals and tracking progress helps kids develop focus.

Build Motivation

Streaks and points motivate kids to practice and establish good reading habits.

Get Notifications

With our timely notifications, you will know exactly when to make your kids feel appreciated for their efforts.

Reduce Stress

Reading aloud to a parent or teacher can make kids feel anxious, which is counterproductive to learning. Reading to Rally is stress-free.

Enjoy Flexibility

Read silently or aloud. All reading counts towards a Daily Goal. Kids can even read outdoors. Once a book is downloaded, no Wi-Fi is needed.

Highlighting and Notes

Deciding what to highlight and annotate helps kids think more deeply and develop their own ideas.

Boost Confidence

With Rally, kids get the real-time support they need to be confident, independent readers.

Expand Vocabulary

Tap any word. Kids get the pronunciation and a definition that matches their grade level. Building vocabulary improves reading comprehension, listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Feedback from our community

Jen E., Parent
With Rally Reader, our son now looks forward to reading. I smile when I hear the words, "I'm going to go read, Mom" as reading was once quite a chore for him, requiring constant nudging. I'm grateful he's able to use Rally Reader to correct him on difficult words while reading alone.
Jenny, Teacher, 5th grade
We’ve been waiting for an app like this. It is really helpful to know what our students have done and who needs help.
Aiden, 6th grade
Now I can read in my room and without my mom correcting every word.
Emma, 6th grade
I can see my progress!
Sarah , Director of Curriculum and Instruction
I love the look of the app and the ease of navigation. I especially love the Dashboard data, which allows teachers and parents to monitor student’s usage! I believe it’s a great tool for students to increase self-monitoring as they read as well as increase their fluency, rate and accuracy.
Caren, Parent
Our 7th grader recently started using Rally Reader. She loves it. She will never read out loud for me and she is reading out loud every day with Rally. Thanks for making such a delightful product.
Gabe, 5th Grade Teacher
I use Rally Reader daily in my classroom and the students love it! It's interactive, user-friendly, and gives my students a variety of books to read. They are excelling using this program- especially my second language learners who get a chance to work at their own pace.
Nancy B., Elementary School Principal
As a long-time principal who has worked in mainly low socioeconomic schools, I love Rally Reader! I want to use an app that gives kids access to real books and build a positive association with reading. Rally Reader has grade level books that are high interest and builds their reader profile.
Pam, Parent
My daughter and I stopped fighting about reading! She reads on her own, in her room, and I know she is getting the practice she needs.

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