Support and encouragement to become a great reader, independently

Learn more. Stress less.

Real books. Real feedback.
Real progress.

Rally is the only Al-powered app that hears you read, identifies errors, and tracks accuracy on a word-by-word basis.

Benefits of Using Rally

Instant Feedback
Rally Reader gives you real-time feedback, enabling independent reading with all the benefits of reading aloud to someone who can provide feedback.
Daily Goals
Consistent daily oral reading practice, with feedback, is the number one way to become a better reader.
Progress Tracking
Rally tracks your daily reading, Challenge Words, streaks, as well as accuracy and fluency stats on your own personal dashboard.
Rally Reader keeps Parents and Teachers up to date with notifications on daily goals, milestones, and Challenge Words.
Learn More. Stress Less.
Reading aloud to a parent can make kids anxious, which is counterproductive to learning. Reading to Rally is stress-free.
With Rally’s support, you can improve your reading independently. ⭐️ Perfect for Distance Learning!

Read Real Books

Choose from a huge selection of real books. Studies show that kids are more excited about reading when they choose their own, real books.

The Science

The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Independent reading is most effective when it is supported, structured, and accountable.

Guided oral reading is important for developing reading fluency.

89% of kids agree their favorite books are the ones that they have picked out themselves.

Reading 15 minutes a day, elementary students significantly increased their reading abilities, with average and below-average readers showing the greatest gains...

The effects of reading extend into quality of life...

Supported oral reading, not silent reading, is the best was to build fluency and comprehension.

Feedback from our community

Jen E., Parent
With Rally Reader, our son now looks forward to reading. I smile when I hear the words, "I'm going to go read Mom" as reading was once quite a chore for him, requiring constant nudging. I'm grateful that he's able to use Rally Reader to correct him on difficult words while reading on his own.
Jenny, Teacher, 5th grade
We’ve been waiting for an app like this. It is really helpful to know what our students have done and who needs help.
Aiden, 6th grade
Now I can read in my room and without my mom correcting every word.
Emma, 6th grade
I can see my progress!
Monica, Teacher, 7th grade
I found Rally Reader to be so useful in motivating students to keep working and thus helping them improve. There are several features that make it so successful: it brings independence and privacy to the oral reading practice, a process that can often make readers tense and self-conscious; it gives immediate feedback and guidance on how to read the words; it keeps up-to-date stats that can be easily used to set goals and incentives; it’s user friendly, with graphics that kids and adults love; it’s a smart program that learns in real time about the way the reader pronounces certain words for a smooth user experience. From a teacher’s perspective, I found it so helpful to be able to check daily my students’ practice and progress. It also helped us set goals as a community and run a friendly competition for most time read.
Sarah , Educator, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
I love the look of the app and the ease of navigation. I especially love the Dashboard data, which allows teachers and parents to monitor student’s usage! I believe it’s a great tool for students to increase self-monitoring as they read as well as increase their fluency, rate and accuracy.
Caren, Parent
Our 7th grader recently started using Rally Reader. She loves it. She will never read out loud for me and she is reading out loud every day with Rally. Thanks for making such a delightful product.
Pam, Parent
My daughter and I stopped fighting about reading! She reads on her own, in her room, and I know she is getting the practice she needs.

Doing Good

Literacy should be the birthright of every child.

In conjunction with our partners, we are proud to offer Rally For Free to students whose families may not have the means to pay for it.

Learn how to request free access to Rally Reader. It’s our way of paying it forward.


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