Rally Listens, Gives Feedback & Tracks Progress

Rally is the only Al-powered app that hears you read, identifies errors, tracks accuracy on a word-by-word basis, and provides real-time feedback.

Track Your Progress

Rally tracks your daily reading stats on your own personal dashboard.

Read Real Books

Choose from a huge selection of real books. Studies show that kids are more excited about reading when they choose their own, real books.

Share with
Parents & Teachers

Rally keeps Parents and Teachers up to date with notifications.

Benefits of Using Rally

Instant Feedback
Rally gives you real-time feedback, enabling independent reading with all the benefits of reading aloud to someone who can provide feedback.
Daily Goals
Consistent daily oral reading practice, with feedback, is the number one way to become a better reader.
Progress Tracking
Rally tracks your daily reading, Challenge Words, streaks, as well as accuracy and fluency stats on your own personal dashboard.
Rally keeps Parents and Teachers up to date with notifications on daily goals, milestones, and Challenge Words.
Learn More. Stress Less.
Reading aloud to a parent can make kids anxious, which is counterproductive to learning. Reading to Rally is stress-free.
With Rally’s support, you can improve your reading independently. ⭐️ Perfect for Distance Learning!

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