January, 11

Guided oral reading with Rally

Guided oral reading is important for developing reading fluency - the ability to read with efficiency and ease. In guided oral reading, students read out loud, to either a parent, teacher or other student, who corrects their mistakes and provides them with other feedback. (National Reading Panel Reports Combination of Teaching Phonics, Word Sounds, Giving Feedback on Oral Reading Most Effective Way to Teach Reading, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, April 13, 2000)

Rally was built be a digital version of a fluent reader, and it can do a series of tasks that the fluent reader wouldn’t do. For example, a fluent reader such as a parent likely would not pre-scan a text to identify trouble words and review them with the child in flashcard format. Nor might the parent capture trouble words to review at the end of a reading session. Parents don’t regularly track statistics on words read per minute or reading accuracy. They don’t log that data on a daily basis to track progress relative to their child’s historical data or relative to national norms.

Rally Reader tracks this data for you, so you can focus more of your attention on your child and less of your energy on worrying.


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