April, 24

Do you wish your kid loved to read

Do you wish your kid loved to read? Every child can be a joyful, confident, and independent reader. It just takes a little bit of help! If your child is struggling with reading, you are not alone. Across the country, 2/3 of kids do not read at grade level. This matters. Kids who don’t read proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out. By contrast, kids with strong reading skills excel in school and beyond. They have broader vocabularies, better spelling, stronger writing skills, more general knowledge, higher test scores, and greater confidence.

The good news? Rally Reader is here to help your child become a motivated, empowered, and excited reader. Rally Reader was purpose-built to support young readers. We are new on Forma this month, and summer is the perfect time to boost reading skills. Pick the Rally Reader product that is right for you.

Rally Reader App: Rally Reader offers 50,000+ e-books, each with a built-in, digital reading coach that provides real-time error correction for misread and skipped words. Real-time feedback on oral reading is the #1 way to improve. Rally Reader provides that 24/7, and builds it into the popular books kids love!

Rally Reader App + Tutoring: The perfect way to turbo-charge reading progress. Rally Reader offers live private tutoring with expert educators. Rally Reader educators are hand-picked for their classroom teaching experience, masters degrees, literacy training, encouraging teaching styles, and ability to make learning fun! Our tutors leverage the Rally Reader App data to focus instruction on the specific gaps in your child’s reading foundation. Rally tutors always pay special attention to building motivation, confidence, vocabulary, and love of reading. Limited availability.


Download the Rally Reader app and start reading today!

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