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We know how hard you work, and we are here to support your efforts. For the first time ever, teachers can have a glimpse into the daily reading lives of their students. Students can feel seen for the invisible work that comes from independent reading assignments, and recognized for their progress. Class communities can work towards measurable goals and celebrate this success together.

As an educator, you get a customized dashboard that summarizes the reading progress for each of your students. Rally displays student statistics that include: daily reading goal, time spent reading, words correctly read per minute, accuracy rate, persistence, and challenge words. You will know who read and for how long. Rally will help you track student progress over time, see trends among your readers, and also provide you with specific details about who to check-in with and who to cheer on. Rally is here to help support and motivate your students to read more, so that you can stress less, all while cultivating a love for reading.

Want to take Rally Reader to class? Contact us at Schools@RallyReader.com

Want to take Rally to class? Let us know.

We know learning to read can be tough, and we are here to help


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