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Dashboard Metrics

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Approach (and a few ingredients from our Secret Sauce)

Rally Reader Tutoring is different.


The Rally Reader app gives tutors data that reflects your child’s reading strengths and areas for growth; our tutors tailor each session to help your child build the most critical skills that will let them unlock reading success.

Relevant, context-based instruction

To be engaging, learning has to be relevant. With Rally, kids pick the content they want to read. (Rally works with all the top book publishers.) Rally’s tutors wrap customized, context-based instruction around each book. Kids learn the vocabulary, sight words, etc. they are about to see in the next chapter of their chosen book.


The number one thing we hear from reluctant readers is “reading is invisible work.” Rally’s Dashboard makes that invisible work visible. The Dashboard holds kids accountable for reaching the goals they set, and makes them feel seen and valued for their effort.


Practice without the StressLike anything else, becoming a strong reader requires practice, and practice is most effective when it includes feedback. Frustratingly, for many kids who struggle, reading aloud to a parent or teacher is stressful. Stress is counterproductive to learning. It’s a vicious cycle. Rally breaks that cycle by providing supportive, stress-free practice. Rally’s AI-powered app gives kids real-time feedback to correct errors as they read and to learn words in context.


Our tutors work with your child to build the mindsets and habits that will help them persevere through challenges by setting goals, celebrating wins big and small, and collaborating with them to make plans for overcoming obstacles. These are great skills that kids will use in many areas of their lives.


We keep you informed with post-session emails. You and your child get to celebrate the progress!

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Who we serve

Rally Reader Tutoring is available for kids in grades K-12 at all reading levels.

We know reading doesn’t come easily to every child, which can be frustrating and stressful for the child and the family. Our tutors have experience working with children at all reading levels and those with unique needs, including dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, and others. We are committed to tailoring instruction to what best meets the strengths and needs of each child.

Session description

Each tutoring session is 28 minutes and in that time, kids break down words, learn vocabulary, and read aloud from real books that they get to choose! At the end of each session, tutors email parents a report so that you can continue to support your child at home.


Our curriculum focuses on developing the skills kids most need to read successfully. Each tutoring session is customized to meet your child where they are in their reading with lessons that may include phonics, high frequency word review, and vocabulary preview. The lesson is intended to help your child further develop an area of growth, and then put into practice by reading aloud to the tutor within the same session. Rally Reader tutoring helps your child build the skills they need with the encouragement and personalization from a supportive coach.

Motivation and Coaching

Rally Reader tutors are dedicated to supporting your child’s reading development. Just as a great coach would inspire you when practicing a new skill, Rally Reader is here to assist your reading growth. Rally Reader and your tutor can help you set daily reading goals, track your progress, and celebrate milestones with badges. Reading can be hard, but having encouragement and acknowledgement from your tutor can be important to building a daily reading practice.


Time and again, rigorous research has found tutoring to be one of the most effective academic interventions for improving reading skills, including kids who have fallen behind academically.

Rally Reader Tutoring is structured to align with best practices in effective tutoring programs, including hiring highly experienced educators as tutors, delivering structured sessions based on a skill-building curriculum, holding sessions frequently and regularly, delivering one-on-one instruction, carefully monitoring progress and tailoring instruction accordingly, providing extensive training to tutors, and ensuring kids have the same tutor for each session.

On-the-go reading and data with the Rally Reader app

Kids who practice reading outside of their tutoring sessions see greater learning gains, and Rally Reader makes it easy to practice! Kids get to choose from Rally’s huge catalog of popular books and read aloud in the Rally app. Rally tracks reading proficiency and fluency, identifies key trip words, and customizes vocabulary based on child’s reading.

Rally Reader is fun for kids because they can read the books they love while earning badges for a variety of accomplishments, including Taco Tuesday, multi-day streaks, and more. The current streak record is 550 consecutive days of reading!

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