December, 22

We ❤️ Feedback!

At Rally Reader, we want to create the greatest read-aloud experience for growing readers and their support teams. As our reading community explores the Rally Reader app and takes on new books, we are also growing from their feedback- we love feedback! Empowering our readers is important to us, whether that is in giving them a wide variety of real books to choose from, in hearing about new badges they want to work towards earning, or user experience in general.

Recently, a middle schooler wrote us a compelling message about how we could improve determining reading streaks. Thanks to her insight, we reconfigured our streak algorithm and manually reinstated her personal streak.

Additionally, a focus group of educators told us that when a student gets stuck on a tricky word, we should give them three tries to get it right, then offer to read the sticky word to them. We appreciated their thoughtful input and updated when Rally’s reading coach steps in for support.

We also have some readers who love reading their books with Rally SO much that they want to practice reading aloud AND silently. This way, they can practice both types of reading while enjoying their books. This feature is coming soon- and we hope it will be a helpful addition for our enthusiastic readers!

Have feedback or suggestions? We are all ears!


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