November, 4

Teacher Tired in 2020 - Let Rally Reader help!

Teachers, we see you. 2020 has been exhausting for a lot of folks, but not quite the same as teacher-tired in a pandemic where your teaching days never seem to end! How is it still 2020?!

You work so hard to create meaningful experiences for all of your students, every single day. You support the young people in your charge, creatively reaching out to them, problem solving through technical difficulties, expanding your skill sets and patience exponentially. You bring everyone together by establishing norms, facilitating discussions, and creating space to gather. While many of your “gathering spaces” are not your usual classrooms, you continue to do this incredible task, regardless of being in-person, in masks, or in a virtual classroom. Whatever your current teaching space resembles, we know there is a sense of loss in 2020. The community-building activities don’t feel the same, and blacked out boxes in your virtual classroom can feel disheartening. While we hope that you can return to your pre-2020 teaching experiences soon, know that we see you working tirelessly to empower your students in these most unusual learning circumstances.

With Rally Reader, we have one possible solution for you to build community with your students through the power of literature. When students read to our AI-powered coach, they receive immediate feedback on their accuracy and persistence. Their reading is recorded and instantly shared back to you, the teacher. You can listen to their reading session, review data points, and more simply, connect with your students about what they read. While much of 2020 has been canceled or postponed, reading is still open. Students can lean on characters to help them feel less alone, and you can lean into these stories to build your relationship with your students. With Rally, you can share a meaningful experience with your students through quality reading choices while growing their reading skills. Teaching is tiresome right now, let Rally help ease some of your workload AND help you connect with your students.


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