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Summer Slide

With summer peeking around the corner, calling us to come outside and play, parents and teachers alike begin to hear rumblings of “summer slide” casting a shadow on the sunny days ahead.

So, what is “summer slide” and where does Rally Reader come in?

Research shows that students' abilities in reading decrease over the two-ish months of summer vacation. This happens when regular practice of learned skills are neglected over the break between school years.

While the idea of learning loss can be quite stressful, the solution is simple - engaging students in reading with Rally Reader over the summer bridges the gap between summer slide to summer success! Here are some ways that you can engage your readers this summer to avoid the slide.

Travel to somewhere on your bucket list - With Rally Reader’s extensive bookstore, you can find a book to take you anywhere around the world and beyond. Make passports at home and earn a stamp every time your child finishes a book from a different place. Spent some time in Narnia? Stamp. Roamed the streets of Versailles? Stamp!

Create a gallery of favorite people for friends and family - Have a child who loves art? One that is very interested in sports? Use the complete Who Was..? collection in Rally Reader to learn about famous creatives, historical figures and more and create a gallery walk of pictures at home for friends and family to visit!

Become Animal Experts - Use Rally Reader as a guide to explore the animal world outside. Learn about local animals or even some you can visit at the zoo to make your learning come to life!

Start a campfire story time - Bring your stuffies, pets, plants and friends outside for a camp-style story time! Have your kiddo read aloud with Rally Reader to an audience of friends. They’ll get the benefits of Rally Reader’s dashboard while enjoying the comfort of their favorite friends.

Take Rally on the Road with you - You can take Rally Reader with you anywhere! Once books have downloaded in the Rally Reader app, you can access them from anywhere- with or without wifi! Take us on the go and find fun places for pictures. Make sure you post and tag @RallyReader using the hashtag #RallyontheRoad for an opportunity to be featured in our socials!

Need an extra boost? Have your kiddo join Rally Reader's Read-A-Thon this summer for an opportunity to win exciting prizes! Any reading between May 1 and August 15 counts towards leveling up and winning prizes! Use this link to sign up for free.

While Summer Slide can feel overwhelming, tackle it with Rally by your side! We’re cheering you on!


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